3D computer graphics is a highly effective tool for the graphic presentation of a technical/industrial product or process, enabling us to audio visualise relevant information with great realism. It  is also highly useful in pre-sales and after-sales.

Innovadhoc offers the following 3D computer graphic services:

  • Producing videos to exhibit in specialised industrial fairs.
  • Producing tutorial videos which serve as a guide to clients in the training, use and repair of products and processes.
  • Recreation of simulations of product and process functioning with a high didactic and descriptive value.
  • Complementing corporate videos with high graphic and visual impact.
  • Complementing user manuals or training manuals with precise and detailed images in processes of cutting and assembly of industrial machinery.
  • Creation of sales catalogues.
  • Presenting products or processes through static or moving images in a highly realistic way.
  • Generating content images in specialised webpages.
  • Creating realistic and intuitive SCADA backgrounds.

For further information on these services, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.